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For Schools

For Homes

- Prepare students for emerging industries. (Recirculating Aquaculture and Indoor Agriculture)

- Teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more.

- Locate a school garden in any room with a power outlet.

- Interface with other technologies

- Provide year round Agriculture and Aquaculture Education.




- Garden year round in the comfort of your own home.

- No weeding

- Garden at waist level

- Increased yields of your favorite crops.

- Organic, pesticide and chemical free crops.

- High quality, fresh, and nutrient dense produce.

- Conserve water and nutrients

- Protein and produce source in one system.

maine indoor agriculture
University of Southern Maine Aquaponics

Standard Sizes






All Systems Include

- Custom Fabricated Metal Stand Or Custom Wooden Stand

- All Pumps, Plumbing Fittings, and Growing Media.

- A High Efficiency LED Grow Light

- Delivery, Installation, and Operator Training

- Blue Nile Tilapia Available Upon Request

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