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We design all of our growing systems to be durable, functional, and easy to maintain.

Maine aquaponics teacher

Jeff Giallombardo - Co Founder

Jeff is an educator who holds a Master's Degree in Alternative Education.  He has extensive experience designing, building, operating and teaching with aquaponic, hydroponic, and other agriculturual systems.

Maurice Temple - Co Founder

Mo is a Master Maine Guide, and a small business entrepreneur. He has a background in Timber and Real Estate and also brings a lifetime of subsistence farming experience to Maine Agrotech.

Maine teacher aquaponics

Kasie Giallombardo - Educational Specialist

Kasie is a school coach and a 2018 Maine State Teacher of the Year finalist.  She has also received numerous local and national education awards. Kasie assists with Maine Agrotech's educational programming.

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